Prepar3D v3

Got it yesterday just after release. Download went quick and maxed out my connection @11 MB/s. I might have been lucky because the website went down soon after.

Did the install and initial test flights yesterday. The result was very good VAS management and smooth operation.


I tried to get it into an OOM with London area EGLL + EGLC, not happened => very good!

Today I added more addons and kept trying to crash it… no chance it seems it isn’t going down this easily. So I started pushing, all sliders to the right, full fat ORBX England, Rex 4 + Soft Clouds, nothing… wow. It seems LM really improved a lot on VAS management, this is very good news.


PMDG already released updated installers, so I moved the 777 and 737 to P3D v3. Dialed back some sliders to get out of single digit FPS numbers… yes it seems FPS is the limiting factor now and not VAS! yay!

For the time being I got the following addons working:

Active Sky Next – official beta update for v3

PMDG 777 + 737 – official installers

FSUIPC – working, installed with a warning (which I ignored), some key binds are missing (trim inc/dec, throttle inc/dec) + crashes on P3D exit

EzDok – working, world camera broken, manual copy + config edit

ORBX – working, libs need official update, added v2 folder to v3 via mklink junctions + config copy/edit

Airports – working, just added to scenery

Rex 4 Texture Direct + Soft Clouds – working, just changed path

Virtual Avionics 777 CDU – working, simple copy + paste

Spad Next – working, no change needed


Result: Working PMDG 777 with great scenery! I will do some long haul flights tomorrow to validate the VAS management, but I’m very positive. So far the simulation is extremely stable and smooth like never before. Even hammering it didn’t result in an OOM error… PERFECT!