New Case Planning

I love my trusted Fractal Design Define XL, but building gets harder with every upgrade I do and it got really cramped in there.

That’s why I decided to go from big to even bigger. The Define XL is already a big case, but the Corsair 900D which I picked is even bigger. Because of that I did some planning in Sketchup to see if everything fits and for an easy way to measure needed cable length and how much wood I need to build the base construction:

New Case 0

New Case 2

In the next step I did some airflow and fan placement planning. My Fractal case sits under my desk right now, which is not perfect for cooling and dust. The new case doesn’t even fit under the table and I placed it more openly. This allows to pull in air from 3 sides and push it out at the top. I think this placement will work very nicely:

New Case 3

The 900D will make an excellent candidate for full custom water cooling in the future. I will not go that way right now though.